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Boxed Beverage Containers.

Hemp Cartons: 100% Compostable 100% Biodegradable Hemp Containers  Size, price, shipping price



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Hemp Containers: Clear Compostable and Biodegradable Containers Sizes, Price, and Shipping price

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How we work with local family farms

At Elysian we are all about sustainability. Our goal is to create a cycle in which farmers produce hemp it then gets turned into hemp products for consumers, and then consumers can recycle them. In order for this to function it all starts with farmers. The farmers are the ones who produce the hemp needed for all of this to work. We would work with farmers by giving them the incentive to produce a new cash crop. This new cash crop will allow them to get revenue for their efforts in production. The farmers would be the main suppliers for our local manufacturers.

If any farmers are interested in contributing to the growth of industrial hemp and would like to join our cause contact us here:

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Through the use of locally grown industrial hemp ASTMD6400 technology as well as our patented Pellets and process allows for the production of single use materials that are compostable with existing machinery. As a result meeting the environmental and consumer needs

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At Elysian we provide multiple products and services that give consumers the peace of mind that they are making a contribution to bettering the environment. Many consumers want to do their part to protect the environment, but they just don’t know how or feel that it's difficult and complicated. With the products offered at Elysian consumers can make a difference with minimal effort.  We also benefit retailers by giving them environmentally friendly products to sell. In today's era there is a huge market and desire for consumers to buy environmentally friendly products in order to protect the environment. Elysian helps and benefits both consumers and retailers.  100% Compostable and biodegradable beverage containers made purely of Industrial hemp.

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