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We make 100% single use compostable packaging from Industrial Hemp. Food, Beverage , straws, compostable composting containers and more...

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Single Use Revolution

At Elysian Holdings, we believe in a more sustainable future. Benefiting from

state -of -the- art green chemistry techniques, our patent pending technology uses

industrial hemp to construct certifiably compostable beverage containers. In

addition to bettering our planet, we are also giving local family farms a new

revenue crop, and creating jobs along the way.

Newly legalized in the U.S. in 2018, industrial hemp is giving tobacco, corn,

cotton, and soybean farmers a new crop with higher profits per acre. With

exploding national and global interest, industrial hemp cultivation is showing the

way to a more sustainable future, replacing petroleum-based feedstocks with a

sustainable, 3-product planting: seed, oil, and hemp fiber.

By sourcing hemp for containers from local farms, and bottling local water and

other farm products, we’re delivering outstanding efficiencies and sustainability.

We’ve partnered with extraordinary research and economic development groups in

5 of the fastest-moving states in industrial hemp – West Virginia, Maryland,

Kentucky, New York, and Colorado – to bring our first products to market in 2019.

Join our cause, and follow our journey! .


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