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Plastics overuse is a global crisis; packaging made from hemp fiber is the solution.

Elysian has created packaging that is truly 100% compostable, with the lowest  carbon footprint, cradle to cradle.

Plastics are a universal crisis destroying our ecosystems and altering all of our biological systems, from the smallest plants to the human body.

Manufacturers around the world are looking for solutions, and some are already shifting to green packaging --  but still, meeting only a small portion of the demand from retailers and consumers.

With legalization of industrial hemp by the 2018 Farm Bill, farmers can now to grow this profitable three-product crop in the U.S.  Farmers, processors, and manufacturers can now come together to grow local process local and sell locally with the ability to expand this model globally , creating a triple bottom line and a single use revolution. 


problems of plastics


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Hemp is legal in the US now !

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